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Our Platforms

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Our Pipeline

Our drug development pipelines comprise a first-in-class liver regeneration program with multiple targets to treat advance liver disease and a ophthalmic program targeting inherited retinal degeneration (IRD) leveraging on our robust ocular ligand platform.


Our First-In-Class Liver Regeneration Program


Our breakthrough in vivo functional genomics platform Quartz developed by our Scientific Co-Founder Torsten Wuestefeld uncovers novel targets for Liver Regeneration.


siRNA is the best modality to capitalize on our first-in-class targets to accelerate the path to clinic.


Silencing these novel targets attenuate liver fibrosis and enhance hepatocyte regeneration in multiple models.

Lerna Bio delivers transformative solutions for unmet medical needs with first-in-class nucleic acid therapeutics built on biology insights.

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Our Navigate Ligand Development Platform

Lerna-GalNAc delivery platform

Our proprietary Lerna-GalNAc delivery platform enables specific and efficient delivery to liver hepatocytes and supports versatile configuration with siRNA.

Extra-hepatic delivery platform

We have developed a panel of proprietary ligands. Our portfolio of ligands which can access varied cell population in both anterior and posterior eye enables robust ophthalmology pipelines.

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